Virtual Reality Technology is a software driven application for video lecture production as well Virtual Studio with intuitive user interface to capture and stream video in real-time. Product harness the power of video to educate, engage, inspire and collaborate. Integrating Virtual Stream recording software capture systems into learning environments facilitates student learning, improves student outcomes and provides students with a higher level of academic satisfaction.




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Adjust your background with a click for the most professional looking lectures with the option of your photo.

Full HD Quality Video

Get your HD quality video mixed from different sources without instant editing with logo and tickers.

Audio Mixing

Get outstanding quality audio performance with noise cancellation and excellent sound depth for the best in class audio output.

Screen Capture

Capture your laptop screen with all the presentations and tools as you teach live in real time.

Hot Key

Manage your input sources with short keyboard keys to get the perfect switching quality of output.     

Automated Backups

As per requirement, Virtual Reality comes with a storage of 1 TB extendable with immediate backup of lectures.

Multiple Live Streaming

Multiple live streaming is where Users can stream on multiple live platforms at the same time.

Camera Motion

Is used to focus on a certain area in the frame to go from a long shot of the subject you’re filming.

50 ready sets (Virtual Background)

There are different types of ready sets available to use as per the requirement.