Video Encryption Software protects videos & other E-learning content by securely encrypting your content files and distributing them with your authorized target audience. It is a process of digitally hiding your videos to prevent unwanted interception and viewing of the transmitted videos. The process involves encrypting videos using an encoding software and hardware to secure the content. No one can view the encrypted videos without first decoding them .




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Powerfull Encryption

The software encrypts your video content and lets you to deliver it to your users in a safe manner.

Video Playback Attributes

With encryption, you can configure Video Playback Time, Video Open Occurrences and Expiry date.


Mobilize Via Multiple channels of communication, including texting, web ans email.

Single Screen Limitation

Limits the video to a single/primary screen and it cannot be played on more than one screen.

Easily Allocate

You can easily allocate encrypted videos on a USB pen drive, DVD, or cloud.

Afforadable Price

For the most affordable price, World Class Security Features.


Using the Watermark technique on encrypted images, you can easily trace any unauthorized use of your videos over the internet.

Video Analytics

Which was the video played? When has it been played? Playback time of the video Expiration date of the video.

Screen Capture Protection

Prevent others from capturing ongoing sessions running in the background during a session via Screen Capture or Video Recording Software.